RCD Safety Switches Save Lives

But They Need to be Tested Regularly
What’s The Point of Having RCD Safety Switches if They Don’t Work When You Need Them Most?
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Studies undertaken by ERAC uncovered some alarming statistics:

An RCD monitors the current flowing into a circuit through the active conductor and out of a circuit through the neutral conductor, so that if an imbalance occurs, it will disconnect the supply.

The sensitivity or trip current of the RCD varies depending on where it is used, but for general applications it is set for 30 mA.

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Guaranteed Expertise
  • All of our RCD Testing Personnel are licensed electricians.
  • Over 50 years of combined electrical experience.
  • We are permitted by law, to remove covers from switchboards.
  • Testing RCD Safety Switches from the switchboard saves time and money.
  • Testing RCD Safety Switches from the switchboard enables all Safety Switches to be tested including lighting circuits.
  • Full compliance is guaranteed.
  • Our team are qualified in CPR and Low Voltage Rescue.
  • State of the Art Testing Equipment
  • Our team are equipped with the latest state of the art Testing Equipment that have been selected based on accuracy and compliance with Australian Standards.
  • Outstanding Testing Processes
  • Testing is carried out to our stringent procedures that meet with Australian Standards.
  • Safety is ensured. Our Team adhere to the Electrical Safety Code of Practice.
  • Professionally Presented Test Results
  • Test results are provided to you in a presentation folder in both hardcopy and electronic format.
  • Electronic records are backed up daily by us to ensure your records are never misplaced.
  • All faults found are recorded and presented to you for rectification.
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    The Benefits of RCD Safety Switch Testing are All There for You. Let us Help Arrange a Free Site Visit and Quote for You. Please Call one of our Friendly Team on 07 5534 4041.
    We are Ready to Assist You with all the Benefits of RCD Safety Switch Testing
  • Ability to meet your Workplace Obligations.
  • Reduced insurance costs.
  • Prevention of fire and loss of business.
  • Solid preventative maintenance.
  • Testing performed at a time convenient to you.
  • Consultation with you to prevent isolation of essential services.
  • Test and Tag to the Rescue
    Test and Tag Finds Faults Test and Tag Prevents Fire
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