Worksafe Electrical Testing Services is focused on providing you with an overall managed electrical safety testing system. Our range of services can be tailored in partnership with you to most economically meet your individual requirements.
Electrical Safety Testing Prevents Fires
You and the Electrical Safety of Your Business and Personnel is Important to Us
Electrical Safety Testing Prevents Fires
Managing Your Electrical Safety Risks is Our Business
Electrical Safety Testing Saves Lives
The Cost of Electrical Fires and Fatalities Cannot Just be Measured by Money. Your Life and the Interests of Your Family are Our Primary Concern
We are pleased to help you meet your obligations in respect to Electrical Safety Testing. Our Team are Ready to Help You Now – Please call on 07 5534 4041
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Thermal Imaging - RCD Safety Switch Testing - Test & Tag Electrical Equipment Testing The Combination of All 3 Services Economically Completes Your Individual Business Electrical Safety Requirements for a Safer Workplace All From One Supplier.
Thermal Imaging
  • Thermal Imaging detects what you cannot see with the naked eye.
  • We can find electrical faults before they become serious enough to cause death and destruction.
  • Thermal Imaging
    RCD Safety Switch Testing
  • RCD Safety Switches shut off the power if your life is threatened by electric shock.
  • We test these switches on a regular basis for you to ensure they are working at the correct level to save your life.
  • RCD Safety Switch Testing
    Inspection and Test & Tag of Electrical Equipment
  • Inspection and Test and Tap of electrical equipment are your last line of defence against electrical faults and fires.
  • RCD Safety Switch Testing alone will not prevent fires.
  • RCD Safety Switch Testing
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